A haven for natural rest


Inspired by the Roman domus and the proportions of a human body, 
designed for the contemporary dwellers, workers and travellers, 
Cubiculum offers a timeless, sensual & intimate haven that can be implemented into any surrounding, creating a natural nest for rejuvenating rest.

For whom?

Urban nomads on the move by choice

A new generation of worker-travellers, designers, artists and adventurers are transplanting themselves in new cities across the globe, while following their next project, idea or opportunity. This lifestyle is also connected to an idea - perhaps even an ideal - of challenging ownership through the sharing economy and social connections: co-living and co-working.

Cubiculum is meant for progressive offices/operators who want to invest on the well-being of their employees and/or users who recognise the meaning of natural rest also during the day, or people’s need to take a step back from the hectic vibrancy of a social space.

Cubiculum offers the opportunity for natural rest and a deep sense of beauty and harmony. Natural, absorbent and breathable materials and a technology-free environment are essential for the experience of a peaceful haven – one that people have known for centuries.

The measures, proportions and geometry – all related to the human body – come from the ancient Roman bedroom.


The measures, proportions and geometry - all related to the human body - are derived straight from the ancient Roman bedroom, called Cubiculum



2,52 m x 2,52 m x 2,52 m

(about 8 Roman feet)


Timber frame made of untreated Finnish spruce


Sliding wall panels | Estonian clay

Ceiling | Straw

Mattress | Wool & coconut

Cushion cover | Washable, durable wool


Second prize in the Home Revisited competition by the Asko Foundation


Natural materials creating well-being

Wood and clay work well together creating a pleasant, secure and yet light atmosphere. Clay affects interior climate in various ways. It adapts to human physiology taking in or releasing extra humidity when it is needed. It is acoustically absorbing due to its porous structure.

The massive spruce is radially cut to enhance a peaceful surface pattern of the material. The wood is left untreated.

The wood structure has been produced in Helsinki by Ola Kukkasniemi (Wooden Oy). The sliding clay panels have natural hues and different surface treatments. The clay panels are made in Billnäs by Paul Lynch (Natural Building Company Oy). The futon is made of layers of wool and coconut and coated in wool, produced by Porin Villa & Peite Oy.

All the materials used are beautiful and touchable, aging well and easy to repair, renewable and fully recyclable.


Special thanks to


Laura Nissin
Roman sleep researcher
University of Helsinki

Pälvi Rantala
Sleep researcher
University of Lapland

Outi Rantala
Sleep researcher
University of Lapland

Tarja Salmela
Tourism researcher
University of Lapland


Ola Kukkasniemi
Wooden Oy

Paul Lynch
Natural builder
The Natural Building Company

Jyrki Eklund
Tuusulanjärven paja

Porin Villa & Peite

Concept development

Milla Kokko
Branding specialist


Photos & video

Juho Länsiharju



The Asko Foundation